Clash Royale Hack and Cheats

Having more gems and gold in the clash royale can help you to make a strong army and when you have a strong army, you can win the battles easily. We provide you with the clash royale online hack and cheats to collect the in-game resources like gems and gold coins. All you need to provide is your username to the generator tool and they will provide gems and diamonds to your account.

Super-Cell is famous for making high end multiplayer games as their previous game; Clash of clans was one of the most played games of the decades. Clash Royale is a multiplayer game with your favorite clash characters and a new game-play. The main aim of the game is to knock the enemy king and queen from their towers while protecting your king. You have to collect different cards featuring different clash characters and Royale characters.

Clash Royale Hack Features

  • Gems

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  • Gold

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With the cards, you can mount a good defense and raid the enemy towers easily. You will find clash of clans’ troops and towers in this game as well. The new Royale include knights, princes and baby dragons. Many cards can also be upgraded in the game. So, you should make the right combination of cards and defeat the enemy.

Clash Royale Game-Play:

The game offers a cool game-play in which you have to use the resources that you have to win the duel against the enemies. The game has a live fast paced gaming engine that will help you to fight the persons in real. You can upgrade the cards and make a strong offense against the enemies. You can also join the clan to have a strong presence in the game.

Clash Royale Features

The game was released a few months ago and it has gained lot popularity because of its unique game play and detailed graphics. The game provides a lot of unique features to the users and some of them are given below:

Win Trophies: With the real-time multiplayer engine, you can duel any player around the globe. The matchmaking system of the game will find an appropriate person to duel with and you can defeat them and win their trophies.

Earn Rewards: After winning the matches, you will be rewarded with chests. You can unlock these chests to win new powerful wards and this will also help you to upgrade your current card inventory.

Get Crown Chests: When you destroy the enemy towers, you will be rewarded with crown chests as well.

Build the card army: Clash Royale game offers lots of cards in the game and you should collect the cards to make your personal army. The cards have new royale characters as well as your favorite clash characters.

Multiple Arenas: The game has different arenas in which you can battle. In this game, you can also challenge your friends and clan members and this is the fun way to learn the game.

TV Royale: You can learn different tactics by watching the TV royale stream.

Free Gems, Gold Clash Royale

In-game Resources:

The clash royale game is free to play but you can use the purchase the in-game resources to make sure that you progress faster.


When you win a duel, you will be awarded with the chests. Sometimes, you will also get rare chests as well. You can also purchase the rare chests form the in-game shop. Three chests are avaialbe in the shop which are:

Giant Chest:

The chest is available for 210 gems and it will provide you with 650 gold and 80 cards. In this chest, you will get at least 8 rares cards. Purchasing the chest will help you to get more cards and you can speed up your progress.

Magical Chest:

In magical chests, you will get 30 cards for the price of 320 gems. You will also get 250 gold. The best thing about this chest is that you will get a 6 rare cards and 1 epic card as well

Super Magical Chest:

The chest is available for the big price of 1600 gems. You will get 6 epic cards and 6 rare cards in the chest as well.

As the game progress, you will be able to but more chests from the shop

Free Gold in Clash Royale

gold-clash-royaleThe currency that is used in the game is Gold coins and you can also purchase the gold coins from the in-game shop. Three options are available for the gamers in the shop which are:

Punch of Gold: in 60 gems, you will be able to purchase 1000 gold coins

Bucket of Gold: Bucket of Gold is available for 500 gems and will give you 10000 gold coins.

Wagon of Gold: with wagon of gold, you will get 100000 gold coins at the price of 4500 gems.

Free Gems in Clash Royale

gems clash royale hackGems can be used to upgrade the cards and but more gold in the game. Gems will be dropped when your win the duel and you can collect them or you can also purchase them from the in-game shop.

Fistful of gems: 80 gems for 1$

Punch of gems: 500 gems for 5$

Bucket of gems: 1200 gems for 10$

Barrel of gems: 2500 gems for 20$

Wagon of gems: you will get 6500 gems for 50$

Mountain of gems: 14000 gems for 100$